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Ultimate Cookie Box

Ultimate Cookie Box

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Forget Chocolate Boxes it’s all about the ULTIMATE COOKIE BOX

This is the very first one of a kind Ultimate Cookie Box 📦

Included you have stuffed Cookie Cubes varying in flavours or dough and fillings from spreads to chocolate bars

The flavours are as follows:

🍪 MilkyBar - Ganche centre
🍪 Caramac - Caramac Centre
🍪 Kinder - Bueno centre cream
🍪 Twix - Twix stuffed
🍪 Boost - Boost stuffed
🍪 Oreo - Oreo and Cookie Monster
🍪 Flake - Flake stuffed
🍪 Galaxy Caramel - Caramel stuffed
🍪 Biscoff - Biscoff stuffed

The Cookie Cubes are presented in a tray with a clear lid so you can perve on the cubes prior to eating … it also comes with a fork so you can stab each cube and chomp!

I can honestly say prepping and my cookie dreams are why this box has been created …. I imagine sitting down by the TV tray on lap and tucking in …. After all what’s better cookies and plenty of variety!! These would also be super naughty in the microwave

Each box includes 12 cubes - a minimum of one of each flavour